(pauses sweeping, glances up at user)

lately i've noticed that everyone seems to be excitedly gliding around. have you noticed that as well? in contrast to their graceful gliding, i'm just watching myself tend this one tiny space: the computer room.

i sort the filesystem here, that's my charge. some might say that my work is dull, or monotonous, or boring, but i find the repetition and discipline to be emotionally and spiritually compelling. of course, it's also important to keep the space around the computer tidy—added to which, i'm not entirely unaware of my own biological requirements for physical exercize—so i schedule frequent breaks to sweep the cool concrete floor.

this is where you will usually find me. day after day. slowly sorting and sweeping… sorting and sweeping… sorting… sweeping… sorting… sweeping… sort… sweep… sort… sweep… ssor… sswee… ssso… ssssee… ssss… sssss…

i don't recall exactly when this all started… or why… but you don't care about that.

i've swept this floor hundreds of times before and i'll sweep it at least once more today. please don't misunderstand me—i'm happy with my space, with my work, but sometimes i wonder how it must feel to glide around as the others do.

may i ask you a question? do you go out—? actually, never mind. of course you go outside. everyone does. they often remark on the sun, how it shines. the breeze too, a common interest. both quite joyful experiences, isn't that right? i'm going to be honest with you, when i was young… i preferred to stay inside. now that i'm older, i… well, i still prefer to stay inside… although sometimes you may hear me say that i like the outdoors… but i must confess, it's only because it seems like the correct thing to say. do you find that odd? ha! it probably is…

oh, wait! i'm just stumbling upon something here, a few lines from some old file… yes. so, there was a time—some time, surely—when i was, occassionally, outdoors… i think? actually, i believe there may be a photo. please wait…

(disappears into the filesystem as piano music plays softly, emerges approx. 30 seconds later)

may i show you a photo?

(holds a photo close to the computer without waiting for an answer)


what do you think? i won't be upset if you don't like it. i took the photo with my phone. do you ever do that—take photos with your phone, i mean? does it look like that when you go outside? does it bring you joy?

(listens as user responds to questions)

hmmm, interesting. it's been so long since i took a photo. perhaps i'll take one next time i find myself outside participating in an afternoon. can an afternoon be photographed? have you tried that before? i'll make certain that i show it to you as long as you promise not to show it to anyone else…